vrijdag 16 november 2012

Agile: Jeopardy Retrospective Plan

After doing multiple mad/sad/glad retro's i was tired of the same concept to "gather the data". There are already a lot of other retrospective plans (cfr. http://retrospectivewiki.org/index.php?title=Retrospective_Plans) but most of them were already done in our team. And i was hoping to find something new. Then i thought why not create something new. This is what i came up with, and most of the reactions were positive in our team.


A different way to "gather data" and to get all different opinions on a subject.

Length of time

60 minutes

Short Description

The facilitator tries to gather the data by using the television "Jeopardy" as a base. The meaning is to get some keywords (answers) from your team. Afterwards you will try to get the different opinions by evaluating with your team what the question could be.


A board with different blocks on it and a marker to write.


  • Answer: Testing
  • Questions:
    • What are we not doing enough?
    • What are we doing thoroughly?
    • What happens too late?
For the board i used a spreadsheet. The amounts (€100, ...) are there to get more in the ambiance of the game Jeopardy! For the moment they have no purpose

The google doc can be found here:


Setting the stage. (5 minutes)

Explain what the game Jeopardy is. (You only get answers on big board and you try to find the question that belongs to this answer).You ask each team-member to think of ONE word that summarizes a problem or a good thing. The word should be the answer to the question they think of.

Gather data (20 minutes)

  • Now each team-member give you their answer. They don't say the question yet. You write the answer in a box.
  • When all answers are written on the board, you ask the other team-members to find out what the question could be. Under the box of the answer you write down all the  questions given.
  • When you notice that no more questions can be found, you ask the person who has given the answer what his original question was. Write it down if not yet given and  highlight it.

Voting (5 minutes)

Ask each team-member to write down 3 of the '''questions''' given that they think are the most important.

Decide what to do (30 minutes)

Discuss the 3 questions that have the most votes. And try to find a good "Retro-action" for it.

1 opmerking:

  1. During our last retrospective meeting I applied this method. The team liked be general idea, but criticised, that there was no item grouping phasis like in other methods. This lead to priority votes being split on more anwers and not getting the priority that they would have received, when similar items were grouped after collecting them. Thank you very much for sharing this great idea anyway!